Welcome to Procell Miami Corp

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Procell Miami Corp, with three convenient locations across Miami, is your trusted source for expert electronic device repairs and a vast array of tech services. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to delivering superior quality solutions for all your tech needs.

Full-Range Electronic Repair Services

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Screen Repair and Replacement: Specialized in repairing and replacing screens on all device types. Battery Replacement: Extend device life with professional battery replacement services. Diagnostic Services: Comprehensive evaluations to accurately diagnose and resolve device issues. Water Damage Repair: Utilizing advanced techniques to restore devices impacted by water. Software Updates: Keeping your devices up-to-date with the latest software.

Advanced Technical Services

Keywords: Miami data recovery, device unlocking, virus removal

Data Recovery: Effective recovery of lost or inaccessible data. Unlocking Services: Unlocking devices for greater carrier flexibility. Virus and Malware Removal: Protecting devices from harmful software and cyber threats.

Sales and Customization Services

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Accessories and Mobile Phone Sales: High-quality accessories and a diverse range of mobile phones. Trade-In Programs and Buyback: Easy options for trading or selling your old devices. Mobile Phone Customization: Customize your phone to match your style. Screen Protector Installation: Expert installation for long-lasting screen protection.

Additional Services for Enhanced Experience

Keywords: Miami phone cleaning, recycling programs, technical support

Phone Cleaning Services: Detailed cleaning services for device maintenance. Phone Recycling Programs: Eco-friendly disposal and recycling options. Technical Support: Comprehensive support for all device-related questions.

Connectivity and Mobile Plan Services

Keywords: Miami SIM services, mobile plans, eSIM activation

Mobile Plan Consultation and Upgrades/Downgrades: Customized mobile plan advice and adjustments. SIM Card Sales, Activation, and Number Porting: Complete SIM card solutions for uninterrupted connectivity. International Roaming Plans and Top-Up Services: Stay connected worldwide with our various plans. eSIM Activation and Mobile Data Monitoring: Advanced eSIM services and efficient data usage tracking.

Educational and Payment Services

Keywords: Miami phone workshops, bill payment, family plan setup

Mobile Phone Workshops/Classes: Discover more about your device with our workshops. Bill Payment Services and Family Plan Setup: Hassle-free payment and plan setup services. Mobile Hotspot Configuration and Prepaid Plan Assistance: Assistance with mobile hotspot setup and managing prepaid plans.

Procell Miami Corp prides itself on offering comprehensive, customer-focused services. From simple screen repairs to complex data recovery, our team of skilled technicians is ready to assist. Visit us at any of our three Miami locations for unparalleled service and expertise.